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Invented by Bob Gillingham, a Washington-state native who spent eighteen years living abroad in Scotland and New Zealand, Gillingham first got the idea for the Down Under Plant Stand in 1992 when he was the owner of a carpet cleaning business in New Zealand. “Time and time again I’d see beautiful rugs and hardwood floors damaged by potted plants that had been sitting directly on a floor surface,” explains Gillingham. “I couldn’t understand why there wasn’t something that lifted potted plants just enough to protect the floors beneath them. So I invented one!”

A graduate of Highline Community College, Gillingham, gave his new invention the name “The Down Under Plant Stand” in honor of his friends in Australia and New Zealand who refer to their portion of the globe as “Down Under.” Coincidently, “down under” is exactly where his new invention fits under pots.

The new device took the Kiwi Land by storm and became an overnight success and soon, distribution spread to Australia. But home is where the heart is, and after so much time abroad, Gillingham decided to return to the Emerald City to spend more time with family and friends and introduce America to his ‘Down Under’ invention. Today, The Down Under Plant Stand is sold in more than 2000 outlets throughout the United States, New Zealand, and Australia.